Planning for a Road Trip With Your Dog and Hotels | Travelling and Hotels

If you are planning a road trip with your dog, you need to make sure the hotels you are planning to stay at will except Fido. Furthermore, keep in mind that some hotels do have a weight limit and require a non-refundable deposit upon check in. Many of the hotels that do allow pets also have special areas around the hotel where you can walk your dog. Others have no such areas, and therefore, you will have to find your own area to walk your dog near the hotel.If you have not taken your dog on a road trip but you know you have one coming up, you should take the time to prepare him or her by taking them in the car with you for longer periods. You can do this by taking them across down with you or anywhere else to get them used to being in the car for longer. That way when you decide to take your trip with your dog, he or she will be more inclined to be better equipped to be calmer.

In addition, make sure the hotels are reputable that you will be bringing your dog to, which means how they clean the rooms. The last thing you want is to bring your dog into a hotel room that has fleas and ticks that have hatched in the carpet because they will not just get on your dog, but you will be taking them with you when you leave. You can call the hotel and ask them how they clean the rooms after a dog has stayed in the room or you can find some online reviews about the hotel to see what other dog owners have to say about the hotel.Besides the hotels, you need to make sure your dog is used to traveling in the car with you around town, because longer trips can cause a lot of anxiety especially when your dog is not accustomed to traveling with you. Therefore, with some planning, your dog can be ready to take a longer trip when you have gotten them used to being in the car with you regularly.In addition, you need to make sure you have a crate, which is typically easier for the dog to travel in than just being loose in the car. Your dog will feel more secure in a crate and it will make traveling easier for you, the last thing you want is your dog becoming restless in the car or getting carsick.

When you plan your trip properly and know the various hotels that will allow you to have your dog with you, the entire trip is that much better. Moreover, when you take the time to check out the hotel thoroughly, you will not run into a problem of having your dog attract ticks or fleas from the hotel room. Traveling with your dog is a lot of fun, but it much easier when you have properly prepared for the trip in advance.

Toddler Travel Beds and Hotel Accommodations | Travelling and Hotels

Going on vacation should be a time of peace and relaxation. However, when traveling with a toddler this can be the exact opposite. You don’t need the added stress of worrying about where your child will sleep for the night. But, if you forgot to reserve a hotel crib, you will have to make a temporary sleeping area for your toddler. Toddler travel beds can relieve this added stress.Normally, you have the option of putting your child into his crib or toddler bed. However, when on vacation you do not have this option. In the end, you have to make temporary or “makeshift” sleeping arrangements for your child. There are numerous ways that parents choose to handle hotel sleeping arrangements.

How many times have you made a soft pallet of blankets and comforters for your child and put him on the hotel floor? There are toddler travel beds that could have made him more comfortable.How many times have you put two chairs together and placed your child on top of them? There are toddler travel beds that could have saved you the hassle of making this makeshift bed.How many times have you put a chair up against the hotel bed so that your toddler could not fall out of bed? There are toddler bed rails that could have prevented his fall.How many times have you put your child into your bed for the night? You can use toddler travel beds to ensure that both you and your child will be comfortable…the next time.The bottom line is that none of these makeshift sleeping arrangements worked very well. Did they? Your toddler was probably very restless all night. As a result, you probably did not get a wink of sleep either. Now, if you multiply this times the amount of nights spent on vacation, chances are you were probably a walking zombie when you returned home. Wow! This should have been a relaxing vacation. You should have gotten plenty of rest. However, you spent most of your night comforting your toddler who was sleeping on a makeshift bed. A toddler travel bed would have provided a better outcome.

Some will say that this is one of those sacrifices that a parent has to make. Not! Yes, you are a great parent. You will do anything for your little angel. But, shouldn’t that also include providing the best sleeping accommodations possible?Contrary to belief, toddler travel beds are not expensive. Many of them are reasonably priced. Toddler travel beds are designed to be portable,lightweight, safe and convenient. Many even come with their own traveling cases. You can pack them and set them up in your hotel room at your own convenience. Your child is happy. You are happy. Everyone gets a good night of sleep. All is well.