How Do I Save Money on Travel? I Need Some Travel and Money-Saving Tips Travelling and Hotels

A lot of people think that cheap travel means cheap vacation. While this may sometimes be the truth, this is not always the case. Being able to travel cheap can mean that you get to go on more vacations, stay longer on your trip, and save more money for other things. Here are a few tips to help you save money on your next vacation.

- If you are going to be traveling to a city or country where there are ample bus and train systems, consider foregoing a rental car. You can see more of the city this way and save money as well. Do your research beforehand to see whether you really need that rental vehicle or not.

- When searching for a hotel, look at bed and breakfasts as well as the big-name hotels. You’ll have a fantastic time, probably pay less, and have a much more interesting experience. You may even meet some other travelers who share your interests and make some lifelong new friends too.

- If you plan on staying for very long in one place, you might want to rent a condo or apartment for a short term. Obviously if you are only going to be there for a week or two that would not be logical, but for a longer stay, this could save you a few bucks versus paying for a hotel.

- To save on travel, be sure to book your trip in advance, as you will pay more for airfare, hotel, rental cars, etc., if you wait until the last minute.

- Avoid your hotel’s minibar or you will find a large surprise on your bill at the end of your stay.

- A travel agent might be able to save you some cash on your trip by finding a package deal which is all-inclusive. It’s worth a try as they can sometimes find better deals for you than you can find on your own online.